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Her The Label

Her the Label is committed to creating timeless, versatile pieces designed for the modern woman who values both style and sustainability.


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Her The Label






We worked meticulously to capture the essence of Her The Label brand, highlighting the beauty and craftsmanship of each garment. The fine Italian Merino wool used in their first collection, Capsule N°01, was given particular attention, emphasizing the luxurious and sustainable fabric choice that defines the brand.

By paying close attention to the brand's aesthetic, story, and target customer preferences, we ensured that each photograph not only showcased the product but also conveyed the brand's unique narrative and appeal. From conceptualization to the final edits, our aim was to bring their vision to life, ensuring every piece stands out in the digital marketplace.

Editorial image of a model wearing a two piece black wool crop top outfit in an indoor setting leaning on a beige couch.
Editorial image of three pieces of white wool women's apparel laying on a staircase with the brand logo in focus.
E-commerce photography of a model wearing a white merino wool set
A collage of images from the campaign that show an aspirational lifestyle
A collage of two images that have been cut out. Model wearing merino wool set and showing apparel.

E-Commerce & Editorial

By masterfully combining both editorial and e-commerce imagery to highlight a brand's unique blend of lifestyle appeal and product quality, we are able to capture a comprehensive visual brand story.

Our editorial photography focuses on storytelling and artistic expression, crafting visually captivating scenes that emphasize mood, emotion, and narrative. These images serve to inspire and provoke thought, creating an aspirational vision that aligns with Her the Label's ethos.

In contrast, our e-commerce photography is clean and straightforward, designed to showcase the product's features and practical uses. These images are geared towards driving sales and conversions, providing clear, informative visuals that persuade and inform potential customers.

By marrying these two styles, we were able to effectively capture the essence of Her the Label, celebrating both the lifestyle allure and the superior quality of their fine Italian merino wool products.


Inspired by simplicity and innovation, designer and founder Emily Hess, discovered a Japanese seamless knitting technique that allowed her to create a completely zero waste wardrobe.

Focused on quality fabrication and classic silhouettes, HER THE LABEL is the refined yet relaxed capsule collection for timeless style and transitional wear. Capsule N°01 brings to you Emily's first collection of closet must-haves.

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