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Molecular Provisions

Molecular Provisions is a trusted source for premium-grade supplements, functional lab testing, and personalized consultations. Founded by experienced functional health practitioners who are dedicated to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals, they believe in prevention and treating each person as a whole. 


Web Product Photography


Molecular Provisions



MP_Products-9 Large.jpeg

Tasked with developing all new assets for web, Eani drew inspiration from Molecular Provisions' deep connection between the human body and wellness to develop a concept that redefines traditional wellness imagery. We focused on capturing both product shots of the supplements and creative imagery involving models to highlight the interconnectedness of health and wellness. 

The resulting visuals aim to elevate the perception of wellness, showcasing Molecular Provisions' commitment to comprehensive holistic modalities. This project not only emphasizes the brand’s dedication to holistic health but also seeks to inspire a broader audience to recognize the integral relationship between their well-being and the premium products offered by Molecular Provisions.

Editorial wellness product photography image of two pill capsules resting on a woman's abdomen.
Editorial wellness product photo of pill capsules laying next to a glass of water
Editorial wellness product photo of a man and woman facing each other with their arms touching each other's shoulder
MP_Models-63 (1) Large.jpeg
Editorial wellness product photo of a man's and a woman's hands intertwined, each holding a pill.

The Challenges of a New Brand

Starting out as a new company with no existing assets can be daunting. Molecular Provisions needed a variety of e-commerce and editorial imagery for their new website and social media platforms. We alleviated this burden by taking the time to understand their needs and by managing the entire asset creation process. This allowed Molecular Provisions to focus on other critical tasks related to launching their business. By providing a comprehensive suite of high-quality visual assets, we ensured that the brand could make a strong, cohesive visual impact from the start. This seamless process not only relieved the pressure of asset creation but also positioned Molecular Provisions for success in the competitive wellness market.

A sample website banner from molecular provisions showing the product photos in use.

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