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Underclub Co.

Underclub Co. is a lingerie subscription service that celebrates femininity and promotes intimacy with wire-free lingerie collections. They emphasize comfort, quality, and style, making their lingerie not only look good but feel great too. Their mission revolves around supporting women and fostering a community through limited edition collections featuring female designers, creatives, and artists.


Editorial Photography


Underclub Co.




Our goal was to capture the unique vibe of Underclub Co.'s collections, seamlessly blending lifestyle imagery with a focus on the quality and comfort of their lingerie. By highlighting the essence of femininity and empowerment that Underclub Co. champions, we create images that resonate with their community and attract new customers.

For this campaign, we showcased our skills with lighting to capture a specific mood that aligns perfectly with Underclub Co.'s brand identity. Our use of light helps convey the luxurious feel and superior quality of their products, ensuring each shot is as captivating as it is informative.

Editorial image of a model wearing a black lingerie set with moody lighting
Editorial image of a model's backside holding up a champagne flute.
Editorial image of two models standing at a bathroom sink.
Editorial photography of a model wearing a bralette set in moody lighting

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High-caliber imagery not only captures the essence of your products but also significantly elevates your online presence. Stunning, professional photos create an immediate impact, drawing in potential customers and setting you apart from the competition. They communicate quality, attention to detail, and a strong brand identity.

Mock up image of smartphone with screen showing a product catalog sample from website
UnderclubSept28-221 Large.jpeg

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