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Aqueous Scottsdale

Aqueous Scottsdale is a curated online retailer specializing in high-end skincare, niche perfumes, and artisanal candles. Founded by Bisma Rais, a medical aesthetician with a background in both science and aesthetics, Aqueous Scottsdale blends Eastern and Western philosophies to provide a holistic approach to beauty and wellness.


Editorial Photography





AQEUOUS-LAUNCH-262 Large.jpeg

luxury for all

Eani's objective for this project was to convey Aqueous Scottsdale’s belief that everyone deserves a touch of luxury, whether through a sophisticated candle or a premium skincare product. We set off to create imagery that exudes luxury while maintaining accessibility and appeal to a diverse consumer base. We meticulously researched and understood each product to seamlessly integrate its essence with the brand’s identity. 

To achieve this, we curated a series of on-model and product images, combining studio setups with captivating on-location scenes. These visuals aim to evoke aspirational lifestyles that resonate with individuals seeking both indulgence and authenticity in their wellness routines. We aim to showcase Aqueous Scottsdale’s dedication to quality and elegance, ensuring a unique blend of luxury and inclusive beauty standards.

Flatlay product photography of two piece swimwear on a striped blanket with citrus fruit laying nearby
Editorial image of a model woman leaning against a stone wall.
Editorial photography of two women wearing swimwear laying in the grass
Editorial product image of a skincare product shown with it's packaging and a small plant.
Editorial image of a woman holding a skincare product and leaning against a stone wall with peeks of sunlight.

The Website

Our work goes beyond just creating stunning images. It's about enhancing a brand's online presence and ensuring that the online storefront resonates with target audiences. By incorporating high-caliber imagery throughout web and social, Eani has helped elevate the visual appeal and professionalism of Aqueous Scottsdale's online touchpoints.

By focusing on both the artistic and practical aspects of their editorial imagery, we've ensured that Aqueous Scottsdale's imagery feels high-end, reflecting the brand's commitment to quality, luxury, and inclusivity.

Editorial image of a woman holding a candle in front of her in her hands.
Editorial product photo of two beauty products in dark and moody lighting laying on a green velvet surface.
A sample screenshot from Aqueous website showing our image in use on their site.

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