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Model Digitals + Test Shoots

In the world of modeling, having a high-caliber portfolio is paramount to standing out and securing bookings. A well-curated portfolio that includes strong model digitals and a diverse range of professional test shoot images showcases a model's talent and versatility and also reflects their commitment to their craft.


Model Digitals

Model Test Shoots






Model digitals are crucial for agencies and clients to accurately assess a model's potential suitability for projects. They provide an unfiltered view of the model's appearance, helping to determine if they fit the requirements for specific jobs or campaigns. 

Additionally, digitals allow agencies to track a model's physical changes over time, which is especially important in an industry where trends and preferences can shift rapidly. The current industry standard for updated model digitals is every six weeks.

The Digitals Mini Session

Eani is passionate about developing creatives in our community. Our model digitals mini sessions are an opportunity to receive guidance during your digitals session as well as network with other models and creatives in the industry. Get connected with insider information on top modeling agencies, marketing tips, and new modeling opportunities.


20-Minute Session

Posing Guidance

Image Selection

10 Final Images

Additional images may be purchased for $10 each

Mini sessions are held quarterly in our Austin, TX studio. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for our upcoming events!


Test shoots are photoshoots organized to create new images for a model's portfolio, or to test out new concepts, styles, or techniques. These are essential for models to continuously update and expand their portfolios with fresh, high-quality images that showcase their versatility and range. 

Test Shoots

These images help to demonstrate the model's ability to embody different characters, styles, and moods, attracting attention from agencies and casting directors. Test shoots also offer an opportunity for models to collaborate with emerging or established creatives, fostering valuable connections within the industry.

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